Greek Yacht Charter License for Foreign Flag Commercial Yachts

If you need a Charter License according to the Greek law 4256 established in 2014, you are on the right website. The easiest and fastest way to issue a Greek Charter License. 

Greece is the most popular country in the Mediterranean for Yacht chartering. Accordingly, to the Ministry of Merchant Marine and Island Policy data, there are currently 6,000 professional yachts active and licensed in Greece.


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The Greek yacht charter license is a document that allows a company to legally operate a charter business in Greece, offering yacht charter to tourists and other individuals. To obtain a charter license, the applicant must meet certain requirements, including having a suitable vessel, liability insurance, and a crew with appropriate training and certification. The license is issued by the Greek Ministry of Maritime Affairs, and it must be renewed annually. The license’s purpose is to regulate Greece’s charter industry and ensure that charter businesses operate safely and responsibly.

Greek Flag Commercial Yacht Registration

We provide the most cost-effective and high-quality registration process for using your yacht for business purposes in Greece and the European Union. This registration can be completed without the requirement to establish a Greek business entity.

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    Greek yacht charter license, the applicant must meet the followings:

    • Have a suitable vessel: The vessel must meet certain safety and technical standards and be registered in Greece or another European Union member state.
    • Non-European Flag charter yachts more than 35 meters in length & of non-wooden construction. 
    • Have liability insurance: The applicant must have liability insurance to cover any accidents or incidents that may occur during a charter.
    • Have a trained and certified crew: The crew members must have the appropriate training and certification for the type of vessel being used.
    • Meet other requirements: The applicant must also meet any other requirements set by the Greek Ministry of Maritime Affairs, such as having a business plan and demonstrating financial stability.

    It’s important to note that these requirements may change over time, so it’s advisable to check with our company Boat & The Sea Yachting Group for the most up-to-date information.

    Our Company

    Boat & The Sea Yachting Group, has a wealth of experience in the yachting sector, with more than 15 years in the industry and a strong presence in Greece with offices in Kos and Athens and local agents in more than 41 ports in Greece. As a yacht management and agent company, we provide a range of services to support the ownership and operation of yachts, including maintenance, repair, and regulatory compliance assistance. We may also assist yachts with berthing, provisioning, and other logistic needs and represent their interests in interactions with marinas, ports, and other service providers. Having such a well-established and successful business in a specialized and competitive industry is impressive.